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Time to Update Our Downtown Plan: Let’s talk, Feb. 16-19

“We’ve enjoyed great success with our Downtown,” says Las Cruces Downtown Coordinator Andy Hume. “Two thirds of the projects we targeted in the Master Plan we adopted in 2004 have been completed or are underway. We want to keep the momentum going.”

We’ll be doing that, beginning Tuesday, February 16, with four days of concentrated collaboration that will lead to the first rough draft of a new Downtown Master Plan. Read all about the project goals and the process to address them here. And check out the day-by-day schedule of opportunities to participate over the four days.

If you want to dive a little more deeply into previous plans and reports, you can download background documents here.

Working together in this way in the past has helped us identify and adapt to new challenges and opportunities for Downtown. Take a look at this summary of ambitions and accomplishments over recent years.

Those achievements grew out of planning processes like this one and commitments from the City and our Downtown neighborhood partners to implement strategies that emerged. So we can promise not to waste your time.

Review the schedule of presentations and critiques that kick off with the opening event, Tuesday evening, February 16, and wraps with a summing-up of the week on the evening of Friday, February 19. Please plan to join us.

If you can’t be with us in person, there are plenty of opportunities to catch up, ask questions and comment online. Watch this space.

During the four days, we’ll be posting updates daily and continue with progress reports as the Downtown Master Plan moves through subsequent drafts and ultimately before City Council for adoption.