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Workshop Wraps Friday the 19th: Council Chambers, 6 p.m

The four days of community collaboration on the update of Las Cruces’s Downtown Master Plan concludes Friday night. The final event: A presentation and discussion by the project’s consulting team.

Everyone’s invited. The session will be held in City Council Chambers, City Hall, 700 North Main Street.

Here’s a preview:

The team has refined what’s been learned from research and conversations this week and from months leading into the workshop. You can follow that process in the posts immediately preceding this one. They’re in reverse chronological order and include links to background reports, studies and other documents that provide context for the Plan update.

What has emerged is a path towards a Plan that anticipates long-range strategies for not only invigorating city life in the core Downtown district, but also for reducing connectivity barriers between Downtown and the historic Mesquite and Alameda Depot neighborhoods.

Fortunately, market analyses for both commercial and residential development reveal higher-than-expected demand in the Downtown, supporting strategies to attract immediate investment in specific spots. This post highlights the analyses from consultant Bob Gibbs. And the video below, featuring transportation engineer/planner Peter Swift, hints at connectivity improvements likely to enhance opportunities for both Downtown development and better access to and from the historic neighborhoods.

Swift’s complete presentation can be downloaded here (.pdf). And you can dive deeper into other details, reports and presentations by going here.

Friday night, the consulting team pulls all these Plan components together and presents a preliminary to-do list for moving ahead on projects and programs most likely to advance the goals of the City, Downtown businesses and residents, and the nearby neighborhoods.

We hope you can make it.

If you’re not able to attend in person, follow along here on the website. By Saturday morning, we’ll have posted all the ideas presented in the Friday night presentation.

Until then, here are some photos from Thursday morning’s pin-up presentation of work-in-progress. Thanks to everyone who made it by.